Monday, December 26, 2011

Eating Animals

Just as I was pinnin g out the new sustainable meet policy for our family after watching the movie Food Inc, I found this link under Mark's daily Apple:

Eating Animals

Three ex vegetarians/vegans that had changed their mind about eating animals. Their current views are in line with my thoughts... and I stress, so far it is only in my thoughts, I have not brought myself to buy the meat that is three to six times more expensive than the conventional meat yet. But I will, and at the same time, meat consumption in this family is bound to go down. Healthy and sane at the same time.

Thought I should bring this article in here since I now some of my readers are vegeterians, even vegans, and my own hubby has a past in the movement. May I add that I do highly respect such choices, just doubtful whether it is the most beneficial for our bodies in the long run. However, probably a lot healthier than the exccessive meat eater diet, no doubt about that.

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