Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was going to sum up the message of the book "Wheat Belly" once I had finished it but knowing me, there is a (very high) risk of that never happening. Especially now with so much else to read. But the message in this book is probably the most important one, at least as important as Eenfeldt's message in his book "Food Revolution" (so far available only in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish).

So please all of you who would like to improve your (future) health, not  by medicine but by eating the right stuff please read this review of the book. It says it all.

Wheat Belly Review

And when you're done reading that you might as well get the book itself. I have it, those in the neighbourhood are more than welcomed to borrow my piece (after having had my whole family reading it you'll have to wait until Christmas or next year).

"Hold the toast" is my new discovery of the day. Excellent blog. She has apparently been lowcarb for 10 years already and she is also into the connection of ADHD and low carb, which particularly is of interest to me having observed remarkable shifts in my own and the kids behavior by excluding wheat, sugar and a serious cut down in milk consumption. Hold the toast sails straight into my blog list on the right side of my blog, where by the way Mr Davis' Wheat Belly already has secured its position as one of the most interesting diet blogs out there.

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