Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Provoking trouble...

Yes, today was the BIG day. The day Kidone has been waiting for since middle of March. She FINALLY got to try to eat WHEAT. We went to the clinic to try out whether it would give her an allergic reaction or not. As I suspected, there was no immediate reaction, not after one spoon of wheat porridge, not after three, and still not after a whole bowl of porridge. We spent all morning there, eating and waiting for rashes or some signs to appear. But nothing, absolutely nothing. Yet another sign that its her mother who has flipped, its all in my head... Well, luckily the personnel did not think so (or at least not show it) and I now have clear instructions on how to continue provoking some reaction in the next few weeks. Actually, at the moment I really hope that there will not be any reactions at all. Not any mood swings, no stomach problems, no apetite loss... That would mean that maybe these 2,5 months have served to restore the functioning of the intestines and that would mean that she can live a normal social life again.

Let me be clear; wheat is not entering this house again. Or correction, after this period of provoking trouble, wheat will not be entering this house again. I do not see any point in going back to what we used to eat - there were so many drawbacks for us as a whole.  And I am a believer of Wheatbelly and all the Paleo/Low Carbers that say that wheat is TROUBLE, big time. I would also prefer to keep her off wheat at daycare, because it would automatically mean higher quality food and less of blood sugar jumps. But, I also think that the children have the right to a normal childhood, not having to feel different. When they grow up they should be able to make their own choices, not feeling that their hysterical mother forced them to eat in a certain way (which the mother is obviously proud of having done...). This is why it would just be so much easier if Kidone could tolerate a tiny bit of wheat, and it Kidtwo could have some milk products. So that is what I am hoping to see - that serving a little bit of bread/pasta doesn't thrwow us right back to square one.

For the rest of the day, we had a lovely day out shopping second hand summer clothes with my girl. We went out to eat lunch and she even had a ball of icecream (and me a coffee that didn't turn out to be a very smart choice). After a tough spring diet, with many disappointments regarding food, she truly deserved a bit of spoiling.

And when we got home, my birthday gift had finally arrived (Eat like a Dinosaur cookbook by the Paleo Parents). And how the kids liked the book - Kidtwo immediately noticed that the pages numbers had a small dinos to highlight them, and Kidone was into the chocolate chip muffins (go figure...). Well, due to this enthusiasm, the three patiperros joined in and made some cookies from the book. Here's  (less than half of) the result (sorry too tired to start reciting the recipe with the modifications right now):

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