Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on the veggie-challenge

I realized I'd better do an update on how we are coming around with the veggie-challenge...

I have to say - trying out one new vegetable every day is really a challenge - just because of availability. I mean, it is 30k to the closest grocery store which has little bit more to offer than the normal stuff... And today I only went in to pick up pea soup cans (yes, our kids looove pea soup - fortified with bone broth and tumeric powder, haha!).

But yesterday we had Brussel sprouts. This wasn't a new veggie. I have tried to make it go down before - but it hasn't worked that well (except for hiding it in a smoothie, well mixed, otherwise the kiddo gets all upset about the green stuff in the drink). This time I took "Paleo Parent's" Dino-advice and gratinated the poor small heads ("they are so cute" - Kidone, while peeling them) in loads of coconut butter and some salt on the top. Into the oven for 30 minutes in 250 degrees and voilá - Kidones new favorite dish. She skipped the potatoes and the liver-minced meat burgers (which was more of Kidtwo's gebiet - this macho man didn't care for cabbage heads). A funny episode was that we had the radio on in the evening, and as you might have noticed there is an awful lot of fuzz about Brussels in the news these days - and yes my intelligent girl picked it up, she shouted "Mom, they are talking about our vegetables on the radio". Clever girl.

We also had a fresh salad of new cabbage, with frozen mango and cucumber chopped into small piece and olive oil on top. Fabulous salad. Highly recommendable!

Today, as we had the gourmet pea soup for lunch, and I was not in charge of the dinner, we kind of skipped the daily veggie challenge. Instead, we went to the local nut shop and bulked up on exotic nuts and berries for our own müsli (so much for buying local... but once local farmers start producing pecan nuts, coconut chips, and dried cherries with no sugar added, you can rest asure I'll be the first in line...). Correction: I went to the local nut shop - Kidtwo tried to accompany me but I had to carry him out of there quickly or else we would have been arrested for theft and vandalism...

 Both kids are starting to show some signs of concerns as we have been having a loose policy on both bread, butter and yogurt in the past week. Now we need to get them into the gluten- and milk-free mode again, or else our upcoming roadtrip might be in danger...(ear infections and daily temper tantrums, not welcomed). They tried my müsli with some rice milk and seemed to like it, but I still need to pimp it up a bit. I think I'll go with some Dino-advice again and poor coconut oil on the mix and bake it in the oven for a while. If I have time. Tomorrow...when it's raining... again.

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