Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spunky dinosaurs

I am listening to this podcast right now: Spunky coconut meets Paleo Parents.

It is a great podcast to listen into. Especially if you are a parent of children with allergies or behavioural problems, listen in!

I am amazed by the Paleo Parents story. Partly because it just confirms what I have witnessed here at home as something that is really real. Touchable. Because as I have said many times, the improvements in our family are a lot more subtle. Maybe it is because we never had that big issues or because of the daycare meals, we have never had this kind of complete turnaround in our health. Although what we experienced last summer was quite revolutionary....

But it is these kind of stories that keep me going. It is this information that keeps me true to my conviction although the pressure from the immediate environment (not the virtual one) is something completely different. As you might have noticed, I always enter into this denial stage once in a while, just because I want an easier life... and I want the kids live a normal life. But then... I read or listen to these kind of stories and I am all back on my freaky track of avoiding all sorts of unhealthy things...and shutting my ears to the conventional messages out there.

After listening to this, I am sooo waiting for the Spunky Coconut cookbooks, and I'll be sure to make use of the Dinosaur cookbook in the next weeks!

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