Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sugar - once again - and this time with license to change!

Its funny. I have been going to a couple of conferences and courses this year and each time I return home not only having expanded my knowledge on my own research, (which is already by itself an incredible experience for someone this knowledge thirsty as I am) but also having expanded my network on like-minded people who are truly interested in food.

Last week I met pedagogics students up north and during lunch, what did we talk about? Yes, sustainable foods, the switch needed (and in progress) in the Finnish countryside, sourdough, nettle soup... you name it, all those fascinating things! It was far more intresting that the theories on teaching (although those are useful as well if you want to get your message through).

This documentary above was shown on BBC a couple of days ago. My Scottish researcher friend sent me a messages telling me this was going to be on telly that night and that she thought it would interest me (noooo, realllllly, how did she know?;-)). I didn't have access since it wasn't broadcasted outside the UK. Then the Diet Doctor posted the link to Youtube some days later. This is truly a well-done documentary on food industry, eating, obesity epidemic, sugar and what it does to our bodies. This is a documentary that needs to be spread out ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Just today there was a Facebook status update by my favorite radio program (Familjeliv)- they are about to do a program on sugar in the daycare diet!!! Somebody had requested it. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you that parent who brought this up. This is such and important issue. Heh, I even have dedicated almost an entire blog to this topic (blushing). Sugar to kids - deadly - and we let them have it every single day at daycare while we the parents are somewhere else. Well, the documentary above is a starting point for the program makers. I think you kind of get the picture of what sugar is all about ... but hey, with or without this program, we all knew this didn't we? We were just kidding ourselves to keep calm and carry on (with our sweet addictions)! It's easy to convince yourself that sugar isn't bad when fat is made the vilain - and afterall if you let your sweet tooth decide. Butter or the white powder - what do you choose?

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  1. Nicee, great documentary after a whole day of double training sesion and helthy food.