Saturday, June 16, 2012

This worries the shit out of me

The Worst Place to Store Your Cell Phone

- We have wifi. I used to turn it off at night. Not anymore... going back to old practices here.
- I used to breastfeed while surfing on Internet... particularly with kidtwo... felt I shouldn't but I did....scares the hell out of me now.
- I do not have an alarm clock... I use the telephone... I am getting an alarm clock next week. Seriously.
- How good is it to use a laptop with wifi all day long? My head is spinning. Should be go back to cable? Maybe even good old desk computer.

I guess we can start discussing this seriously now in this country as Nokia is going down the drain....


  1. Worried? Yes. Surprised? Sadly not.

  2. Wifi worries me too, but I'm trying to ignore it at the moment, since there are so many other things to worry about! Another thing in the same category is the induction stove (I spend quite a lot of time in cooking)...