Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Media, Big Food, Nagging (obese) and Starving Children

This is an interesting one. Especially considering the announcement today that Fox will start its first (free) tv channel in Finland. First, as you might already know, if you are not paying, it might very well be that you are the product... And how? Commercials, my friends, commercials.

This guy covers it all from media control to obesity and world hunger, in less than 10 minutes.

I try to skip channels with commercials on them, just because, as this gentleman notes, there is an awful lot of nagging after somebody here in this house gets free access to visual imagination of chocolate pudding and Disney princesses (note, Disney was among the 7 big media conglomerates - interesting, explains the spread of the princess frenzy maybe).

The issue about media is interesting. Considering that much of the stuff in the news today is reproduced from big international sources. Could this partly explain why its been so difficult to produce a balanced, and well-informed, discussion on what is healthy and what is not? I just wonder.

Then this thing about curing world starvation...and obesity. Think about it. Food Inc is spreading in acres to be able to produce more soy, corn, wheat, and sugar for the hungry people in the world. Really, hey! Is that the kind of food, often also genetically modified, that we need to feed the entire food chain of this planet, from salmons in the sea to cows and pigs in the farms? Not to forget what these acre-consuming foods do to the human body...I vote real food, no commercials needed regarded the attributes of that!

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  1. Ditto! Guess why we don't have a TV? :D Life is beautiful without the black box in the living room. DH complains about not being able to watch hockey and some other sport nonsense, but even so he sees the point. Highly recommended!