Monday, January 30, 2012

Stop blaming the parents!!!

This morning I talked to my children's municipal medical doctor over the phone. I presented my sensation that one might be allergic to milk and the other to gluten. The milk case will now be tested according to the traditional procedures. Fine, let's start with the traditional approach, although I have already tried eliminating milk products with convincing results. But those results do not count in the name of science. We need to do the tests.

The gluten case was not that clear cut. We have already done the tests with negative results. Still, this self-learned mother is convinced that there is something that is not right. I even presented my theory of the abnormal gut bacteria (Natasha Campbell-McBride). And I told the doctor that there are clear differences when gluten (and sugar) is part of the diet and when not. Doctor became a bit upset, telling me that we should not experiment by eliminating wheat from a small child's diet. It might be dangerous. I kept calm although what I really wanted to do was to challenge the whole establishment's perception of what is dangerous and what not. Please! Eliminating wheat by replacing other nutritive ingredients can impossibly be harmful. Or can it? If it wasn't because of the vast knowledge out on the internet, I would probably have bought her argument together with half a dozen of loaves of bread in a second. But, thanks to you fellow bloggers, I did not. Instead I agreed to see a nutritionist to see how we move forward with this matter.

Now, I am a bit afraid of what awaits me when seeing a nutritionist á la old school. It is not long ago that Finnish media was filled with headlines of how parents had been threatened that their children would be placed in a foster home if they did not follow the state dietary recommendations. The explanation was that the children were not growing as they should. And this is exactly where I become fearful; the reason why I even went out looking for answers in the first place was that my kid was not growing on the state dietary recommendations. Other food than pasta and bread was seldomly let into her mouth if not accompanied by honey or ketchup! It was only by moving away from these ingredients that we saw a change in attitude towards healthy food... And now a medical doctor is telling me that this might be dangerous!

I am a person that grew up terribly mainstream, I have always considered myself a part of the establishment! Surfing alternative sources for information gives me a sense of guilt, as if I was involved in something illegal... But what else is there left to do, when the establishment is not listening?!?  I should have been working this afternoon, but I instead managed to pin down a medical doctor at a private health care center who is looking at health issues from a holistic perspective. She even mentions on her webpage the link between gut flora and health, and the detrimental effect sugar and wheat flour may have on our health. Looks promising. I think I'll give her a call before the municipal nutritionist gets involved....

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  1. could you send me a message with the contact details of this doctor?