Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gluten sensitivity

With respect to what I wrote about yesterday, I just found a very suitable article to sooth my frustrations.

Here's the link:

And curiously enough, someone else, commenting the article, has experienced the same frustration as I with regards to doctor knowledge about this intolerance:

 "Myself and my daughter were both diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but my son tested negative. He, however, had worse symptoms than my daughter, so we tried him on the GF diet as well, and it worked wonders.

The doctor’s reaction, however, was the opposite of helpful. When my daughter was diagnosed, they mentioned the GF diet but otherwise weren’t worried about any other health complication that might exist because of the disease. When I took my son off of gluten, suddenly I was endangering his health. They wanted to check his vitamin levels and recheck his height and growth, because the gluten free diet was so unnecessary and dangerous for someone who ’didn’t need it.’ If he didn’t have celiac disease, as far as they were concerned, whatever improvements we were seeing were imaginary and any actions we took were irrational.

And I think that view from doctors is greatly impacting the diagnosis of conditions like Gluten Intolerance. It’s that attitude that if a few tests won’t diagnose the problem, then it’s all in a patient’s head. It almost makes one want to go back in time, to when a patient’s symptoms were still considered a valid part of the diagnostic process rather than a piece of data that is frequently viewed as suspect."

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