Saturday, January 7, 2012

Low carbing on TV

There is a new program on Finnish tv (tv5, one of the b-channels you hardly even know exists) about two Finns who will be eating low carb for half a year.

I checked it out because I was curious what it will all be about. Disappointed. The program started of with the chef baking bread.... Then the two dieting persons were introduced and got a starting package od food including.... Low carb bread and low carb premade microfood...and right now the chef is preparing lunch for them, an omelett based on wheatfilled sausages. In the commercials in between, the first out is low fat actimel yogurt... And then McDonalds...

This is such a food industry cover up of what low carbing is really about! Its not about processed foods, it most certainly is not about special made breads... It is about REAL food, made from normal ingredients. If they can't get that right, then why bother making a program... As said, this is so made by industry for industry!

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