Monday, February 20, 2012

The art of staying alive

I am not really active right now. Just reading through the most essential blogs and then off to my duties. Both kids are sick, hubby still in bed due to his knee surgery and myself barely alive from the stress and a tight deadline coming up this week. Working night shifts on all fronts here - it's crazy.

Lucky me I got my mom over here over the weekend. ´She cooked and made our kitchen look deseant again. I even had her make fish bone broth! She claimed she had never done it and that it was so useless..better buy ready made... but once our salmon fish shoup was ready, she admitted that the bone broth made it tastier than ever before. So no the freezer is filled with broth from beef, chicken and fish. In  addition, we filled it with meetballs, thai chicken and some other goodies. Things are set. Almost. It is still h*lluvajob to keep the family (and myself) alive!

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