Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy day - bone broth and Latin flavors!

Got home from Sweden just in time to prepare some lunch. Luckily we had some home made liver casserole (yet another of these reinventions with many good vitamines) in the fridge, and lunch was served within 20 minutes. But this was just a parenthesis. What really kept me busy on this election day was: bone broth.
On Friday we got a 10kg deliver of fresh organic, grassfed beef, straight from the farm, homedelivered. I had also ordered extra bones, and so I got some 1,5 kg extra of bone accompanied by meat.

I cooked two batches of bone broth right after lunch. Calculate some 3 liters of broth. This will take us through the winter.

And lucky us, there is -20 degrees outside. I used this opportunity to freeze the broth in the open air (and I thank my addiction to Greek yougurt for having somewhere to freeze it all).
Check out the snow... I was wishing for a snow free winter this year... HAHA, somebody is laughing in my face right now!

Once the broth was over and done with, I suddenly faced the problem of what to do with the meat... surfing some paleo pages I got the idea of making chili con carne. And lucky me (considering the -20 degrees) we had all the ingridients at home. I am not going to write down the recipe tonight, too beat for that... But the big secret to my own dish was that added the already cooked meat to the blender, together with the onions and carrot left overs from the broth cooking. I had precooked white beans in the freezer and heated these in bonebroth, then took out half of them and used the hand blender to mash before adding them back into the pot.

I also made som guacamole, as I had to make use of one avocado and two tomatoes before they went bad.

Hubby and I added some "Merquen" to the dish - but we spared the kids from that VERY hot experience. (Read about Chilean merquen here: "Tu Chile aqui" )

We ate at the "round table" tonight. Special day, election day and all...

This was an excellent draw, hubby was happy to get some flavours from home and Kidone showed once again that she has inherited her dads tastebuds. I was more than surprised to see how she swept down her plate of chiliconcarne. Kidtwo did not go for this bean filled dish. He tried to insist on meatballs, yes kids ate Swedish meatballs while we were in Sweden over the weekend, and then he just got up and left the table....But I do not worry, he'll come around, someday.

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