Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Overload and goodbye!

Time for a break. I am done discovering for a while.

Since I cannot bring myself to implement the change I would like to, I'd better step back and let life go its own path.

I am overly frustrated by having accumulated so much information on the effects of wheat, sugar, and fats on the human body, and not finding the magic formula of how to live a normal life without these substances. I myself am not consuming them, but its beating the hell out of me seeing my kids being served margarine at day care every day...(sugar and wheat too, but I can almost, almost live with those)

Didn't help much surfing the page of Doctor Cate yesterday, watching the clip on how the body reacts to gluten and it creates all sorts of problem for the body (allergic reactions, lower immune defense, psychological issues etc). And then reading that this is basically what happens to any body, reacting to any substance it cannot handle (including the casein in milk...).

If you want to know check this out: What is Celiac Desease - A recipe beyond gluten-free.

If we are not ready to move out to the countryside, isolate ourselves from the rest of the social environment, go completely hippie, then maybe its time for me to give up. Because I am not ready to do that and I do not think the rest of the family is either.
I have not found a (non-virtual) medical doctor that supports these  theories and frankly I am getting tired of relying on faraways blogs, and blog comments to acert my conviction of healthy living.  What's the use when I cannot make use of the stuff I learn?

I am tired of being considered weird and tiresome in my interaction with others. I am tired of friends feeling its a problem to invite my family over because they do not know what to serve us (once again for those of my friends who read this: that is not your problem, its mine, and what you serve this family is prefectly fine with me since as I said above: I have not found the magic formula...). I am freaky tired of the whole non-fat vs. non-fat , additive-fresh food debate.

So I am taking a break (how do you do that when you still have to eat everyday?). I'm going to focus on something else... like going out running, or skiing, or watching nonsense realities on telly. Dunno what but Sweetd dreams will not be around for a while.

So long, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

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