Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleepless and on "C-o-C"

Last night I have been working as a water shuttle for Kidone. She suddenly got a caugh that seems to be rather painful and a fever to go with the pain. Today, I have eyes that do not want to obey my impulses and a mind not apt for thinking. Not so good considering my deadlines. However, with small children this can always happen and when it does, it is the best moment to take a break and focus on the essentials. That is why the concept of "care of child" (VAB- vĂ¥rd av barn = employer must let parent stay on sick-leave with sick children under 10 years of age) is the best invention in the world. It doesn't only let you care for your child, it also forces you to care for yourself.

So I am now forcing myself to take a break and make a cake for my patient that seems to have gone on a food strike. Unfortunatelly, she was supposed to go to one of her best friends birthday party tonight, so to cure her grief I've promised to make a cake. Just wonder how to do that with this mushy brain of mine.


  1. ui pobre not a good week....manana me operan el brazo que rompi pffffffffffffff