Thursday, February 16, 2012

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Nowadays when I go to the grocery store I just feel how crazy it all is. First we were convinced that industrial processed food, industrial farming including all those pesticides was the most efficient way to produce food. Many traditional farmers were forced to industrialized... just so that now, when there is almost no traditional farming left, we pay dearly either with our health or our money to get the food we "deserve".

It's just so absurd. The whole food business is just absurd. What we should do now is save the little that is left of traditional farming in the developing world. But no, what do we do... we go to teach them to eradicate poverty by industrialization... yeah right. Tonight there is a program on tv about the liquid waste from Indian pharmaceutical plants contaminating whole rivers in India. The produced medicins go to European consumers (maybe to cure a desease caused by industrial foods...) and the waste is left to the Indians to deal with (read: get seriously sick). Its just crazy the whole system, isn't it?

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