Friday, February 10, 2012

Made it through the week

This week has been insane! Maybe not so productive workwise but right now I am just hanging in there... hubby had a knee surgery last Monday, I have been working in three shifts to get everything to go around. But happy to say that all food has still kept up to my standards, no premade junk, all made at home. And this is not an attempt to brag, infact yesterday I was about to post something very nasty here as I was totally beat. But then I was actually too tired to think my thoughts true. Its no easy task to stay allive over here, in -15 degrees. But as said hanging in there, confident things will go better.

Bone broth (and meat) hase been staple in this weeks dinners. Breakfast has been eggs with coconut milk and spinach/cinnamon and sesame seeds. Trying to fill the gap of calcium deficiencies as milk was eliminated both at home and daycare for kidtwo (amazing results!).

Looking into how to ferment our own yogurt. Since its clear to me that milk is a no-no now, I need to find supplements. Fermented yogurt (self-made) seems to be a viable option. But where do I buy the beginner's batch? Or should I try to get some kefir grains. Got to work dectective to find out!

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