Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nancy Appleton - Genius!

Don't upset your homestasis (chemistry balances in your body)!

This is an excellent video. If you have the time, you should give it a look. It is as balanced as it can get - reffering to tons of scientific articles - and I think when the information she presents here is digested, it explains both A, B, and C. For example, why drinking milk doesn't guarantee healthy bones (maybe the opposite). Or, how allergies can be directly linked to the consumption of sugar (in all forms my friends, including honey and agave - basically, if its sweet, is bad for you - sweet dreams, so long, auf wiedersehen, good bye!). It also explains why our body is suseptible to infections by consumption of sugars.

So this video of 45 minutes makes it shining clear that nobody, absolutely nobody, should be digesting sugar as we do today, not even small amounts are safe (on a daily basis). And this goes particularly for growing children.

I get so upset when I see these very informative seminars. Because once again they confirm to me exactly how bad the mainstream diet is for our body.  I would say the majority of people today eat as a minimum moderate amounts of sugar (not even small, but moderate) every day. Many way too much. And as a mother I feel so HELPLESS! Both my kids would benefit for a sugarfree diet. But how? I can give them breakfast at home, they'll have to do with the lunch at daycare... and I cannot pick them up before afternoon snack (usually including some sort of sugar). Thus lunch + afternoon snack with potential sugars, that screws up their bodily chemistry for the rest of the day - no matter how well I try to feed them for dinner or evening snack, their body won't yet be in balance and that will affect how to food is digested and used in their bodies.

Yesterday we saw the movie "The last Excorcist" with hubby (do not recommend). The dad had taken out his daughter from school for homeschooling, because he felt the school wasn't teaching the right stuff... well guess who felt hit by that message.. me considering daycare is not feeding the right stuff. My goodness, this parenting thing is way heavier than I ever imagined! Once again, after a couple of days on main street I am off to freak street again.

Thank you Nancy Appleton for bringing these insights, although they cause anxiety, I wouldn't like to be without them either.

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