Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm loosing it...

Here is my confession: kids had premade liver casserole, bought from the store.

Yesterday we went out to eat dinner, and the kids had meatballs, with mashed potatoes. While enjoying their dinner I realized the meatballs probably contained milk products, as did the mashed potatoes... Five minutes later Kidtwo's stomach confirmed my suspicion.

At least they had a juice icecream for dessert.

Today we ate out again, no dairy this time... but still, eating out with all the nagging included (ended up buying chocolate truffels for dessert on the way home). 

On top of all this, Kidtwo had me giving him yogurt this morning (he saw me eating it).

Result of all these small "give aways" in such a short period of time: kids learning that mommy is loosing touch with her hardcore principles, and that nagging brings victory.

...And an upset stomach of Kidtwo. So far I have decided not to pay too much attention to it yet, until a doctor confirms it, I feel I cannot be restricting the diet too much. And we had to postpone the visit at the allergy hospital this week due to illness.

For myself I feel the effect of not so strict and good eating in my body. Need to do something about it before my chocolate (>70%) addiction gets uncontrollable. Well, in my defence I say: I am only human!!! My goodness how tough these past three weeks have been! I do not understand how those who have strict diet can stick to it (see the blog Liberated Kitchen for example). What's the secret? I for sure haven't discovered it yet.

Trying to rediscover the inspiration to keep to my principles. Just wish it wouldn't be so hard...

And in the meantime, my Kefir grains are eating us out of the house. The first batch is ready, second on its way and I also separated some of the grains from the milk and placed them in coconut milk. Let's see... lt's see. The way these are growing, I'll have a small distribution center set up here in our house in less than a week!

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