Thursday, February 23, 2012

There is so much to write about!

I would really like to write thoughtful posts with references to other blogs or articles that I have read lately, but there is just so little time! I'll try my best to summarize here:

I got my Kefir grains today. Once I get them into a healthy and safe place (read: raw milk) and get them eating, I'll tell you more about them. Funny enough, my biggest heroe, Michael Pollan, seems to be writing about fermented foods right now (read the article on the topic here). Kefir grains do that to food: ferments it. However, not beer...

The other thing I'd like to explore more indepth is the issue of how to avoid flues, ear infections and above all antibiotics. I hinted yesterday something about onions. There are no clear results from the experiment we tried yesterday with the kids. It depends who you ask. Ask hubby and he'll tell you that I just managed to create an awful onion smell in the kids room, which didn't go away with opening the window for a while... Ask me and I'd tell you it was rather successful. Kids coughed but not so much, both woke up with no fever and I also thought Kidtwo had less nose congestion. But that's my perception, I might be seeing things that are not there. Didn't managed to get the onion tucked to their heads, only in a bowl under the bed. Maybe it would have been more effective in a small cloth bag attached ourside their ears. Well, this is getting freaky. Better stop here... But if you want to read more on the benefits of onion here is something I googled down: Onion remedies. (note: have not had time to cross-check the page, but looks promising)
Then the other thing I'd like to do is to translate some of  Anna Hallen's texts into English. She writes such wonderful posts on her blog and on Facebook that I really think it is a pity its only available to the Swedish speaking audience. She is outspoken Low Carb High Fat - although I think the LCHF letters do her no good. She is restricting her audience by using these letters. She might have started her food journey on LCHF but since she's talking about children's diet (LCHF och barn), another label, or even no label at all, only talking about giving kids REAL FOOD, would make her message so much more potent. Stating of course that real food excludes grains and other carbohydrate dense foods that we did not use to consume some 100 years ago up here in the North (read: rise, for example). I have been saving myself from the temptation of buying her newest book... But I think there is no way for me around this problem, its about low carb and children.... I need to have it, and I need it sooner than later. My anticonsumption standards must give away on this one... However, being convinced that we have a milk allergic toddler in the house adds to my hesitation of the urge to buy...Anyaway, if I find more time in the near future, I might get some of her ideas translated for you...and you'll see were I get my inspiration from!

And then the ting about rise. Brown rise and arsenic: Arsenic in organic brown rice syrup and rice-how to eat rice safely. Disturbing news. Good thing we just ate the last batch of our raw rise. If we are to continue eating such exotic food as rise (I personally think that if this family is to eat filler-carbs, then the best ones available on our altitudes would be organically and locally grown potatoes...) then maybe just plain and normal white rise would do the trick. Basmati for example. I could get a batch of 10k from the Asian market stores down in Hakaniemi. Do it like the Asians, store the rise in a closed bucket in the garage (idea I got from a friend in the neighbourhood). Why all this fancy (arsenic) food when there are other smarter available options out there.

Today I saw the movie "Economics of Happiness". Here is the trailer. Loved it. It combines everything and most of all what it does, is that it shows that sustainability starts from local food systems. It got me even more convinced that I need to stay away from that big hypermarket and keep on buying food in non-chain stores and in those few places in our neighborhood that still are struggling against the big hypermarket. Maybe I should pay the local bookstore a visit tomorrow. Oh forgot, I am in a anti-book-buying mode. But maybe for the sake of local livelihood... Too bad she doesn't carry any Swedish books, otherwise I would have bought Anna Hallen's book from her. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs.

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